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Los Angeles Branch
of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
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Scottish Country Dancing is a fun and energetic form of dance suitable for all ages. We offer classes throughout the Los Angeles area, and in Santa Barbara and Lancaster. Beginners are always welcome! Come alone or with a partner - dancers routinely change partners after each dance so there are many opportunities to meet new people. You don't have to be Scottish, and kilts are totally optional! We also hold monthly dances year-round, so you can show off the dances you have learned in class. In addition we have special dances for Hogmanay, Burns and St. Andrews celebrations. We do parties! We can provide a team of dancers for weddings, parties, or other celebrations for entertainment or Ceilidh Dancing for your guests.

Scottish Country Dancing: A Rich Heritage

The Los Angeles Branch is part of an international organization - The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Founded in 1923 and headquartered in Edinburgh, the Society aims to preserve the traditional dances of Scotland. Through their teacher-training program, their publications and their annual summer school in St. Andrews, the Society ensures that Scottish Country Dancing is done the same way throughout the world.

Some selected pictures from our events.

Most events are currently held in person.

Next dance: AGM.

In observance of the current COVID-19 health crisis,
proof of vaccination will be required
at all dances if not previously presented.

A booster shot is now required, if eligible.

Face masks now optional, subject to L.A. County regulations.

Download a membership application for 2022/2023.
List of dances for 2019/2022 (current program)
Also see the list of classes offered by the local branches.
Last updated June 24, 2022